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By ordering our product you will be a customer of the Bizalom Expressz Ltd. Bizalom Express Ltd is the official operator of the websites. Bizalom Expressz Ltd. is also responsible for shipping and delivery. Your payment represents an offer on your part to purchase our product, which will be accepted by us as we have sent you a confirmation email. Our acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us.

Bizalom Expressz Csomagküldő és Kereskedelmi KFT
Bizalom Expressz Trading and delivery Ltd.
Address: H-1139 Budapest, Röppentyű utca 48.
VAT number: HU 14015681
Corporate number: 01-09-884869
Tel: +36 70 466 65 03

Our customers are entitled to cancel their order 24 hours before the scheduled delivery. You can cancel your order by e-mail and a conformation e-mail will verify your cancellation. In this case you will not have any payment obligation.

If you have any question, request or comment, please contact us

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+36 70 466 65 03
Monday-Thursday: 10-18 pm, Friday: 10-17 pm

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H-1066 Budapest, Ó utca 4., Hungary

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